Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Seed Bombs

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Package of 10 red and green about 1” diameter seed bombs packed with loads of a variety of wildflower seeds. A sweet gift at Christmas or a fun family friendly opportunity! This would make a unique hostess gift or housewarming gift too.

A mix of wildflower seeds native to North America are White Yarrow, Shirley Poppy, Sweet Alyssum, Nodding Catchfly, Spurred Snapdragon, and Mexican Torch Hat, this mix includes both annual and perennial seeds. The annuals will bloom only once the same year you plant them, and then the perennials will bloom yearly starting the following year.

PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS- Place seed bomb under a thin layer of soil (in an inside planter or outside during spring-early fall). Keep soil moist through seed germination, then water plants as needed. Germination typically take 4-7 days. Recommended spacing between seed bombs is 2 inches.

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