Tips on Design

I am by no means a master of art, but I do know a little something about design principles and the elements of art. If you are a teacher or just have an interest in designing, here are a few tips I thought I'd share. 

Like free flow writing, try doodling. Let your mind wander and explore any ideas without thinking if it will work or not. Then you can place materials in front of yourself and gain inspiration from the different types of media, textures, materials, colors and more. Once you fill "warmed up" and ready to design, you can begin with these tips:

1. Ask Yourself:

  •     What are some unique jewelry designs I haven't seen nor seen a lot of lately if ever?
  •     Once you have some design ideas, note any issues with your design? What are the problems? Are there any restrictions to the design? 
  •     Next, is it creative? practical? Do I want it practical? or Purely artistic, modern, new? or A combination of all? Creative and practical and modern?    

2. Brainstorm Ideas:

  • This is different from random doodles like I noted previously
  • Brainstorm LOTS of ideas!!
  • No idea is dumb if it leads you to the best idea.

3. Plan:

  • Gather the needed materials you're thinking for your design. Gather more than you need.
  • Then consider the look, the feel, the size, the color, the texture, and more.
  • Use the basic elements of art and the principles of design. If you don't remember them or know them, look no further....

You can download some free printables (click here and here) or by clicking on the images. These will help if you are a visual learning like myself. However, please know, although it is not always illegal if not trademarked or copyrighted, it is totally uncool to still another's idea or design. Please don't believe that it is okay to claim a design or ideas as your own just because it's on pinterest or on the inter webs or even though it has become socially acceptable (meaning everyone is doing it). Consider reading this Etsy article if you're interested in understanding more:

4. Create: 

  • Make a sample and test it out
  • Ask trusted people what they think
  • Personally, I like to wear my sample for a time to see if people notice and respond

5. Improve: 

  • There are almost always ways to improve a design until you come to a place where it works or you realize, simplicity is key. 
  • Again, consider, even though the design works well, will it be accepted well? Is it too heavy? Too big? Too much? And Etc?

6. Repeat and Start Again

  • Strive for the best. Pursue Excellence and Quality.
  • Why not repeat? It's just so much fun! 
The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.
— Adam Judge
Becca WebbComment