Donut Worry, You Can Learn From Mistakes

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
— Scott Adams

So, When I first started, the handmade items I made weren't bad, but they definitely looked handmade. There was a lot of trial and error with a lot of the handmade pieces I provided in my shop. One thing I made and sold in the beginning, were mini piñatas. I would sit outside on my back porch with a card table, loads of old newspapers, tissue paper, scissors and glue water having the time of my life like I was an eight year old at summer camp. It was magical. However, the very first donut piñata I made only looked awesome...

Some friends of mine bought the first donut piñata  I ever made. We had a barbecue, a margarita machine humming and my little mini donut piñata  ready to bash to pieces. We let the kids give it a shot first. They couldn't crack it, but no worries, there were big burly men there who could take a swing, crack the donut and bring all the littles joy.

To save the day, a man who I think was a former professional baseball player, stepped up to take a lick at the donut piñata. He grasped the baseball bat in his hands, planted his feet, and swung. He hit that donut piñata so hard...that he bounced the bat right off the piñata almost hitting himself square in the face. It should have busted. Y'all, I immediately felt my face warm and redden. It should have busted open! The manly former athlete took another swing. He connected. Nothing. My face became more and more red as he took swing after swing hitting the donut over and over again. It finally fell to the ground. Then he turned bright red with exertion as he quickly developed a caveman-like demeanor bashing the little donut until it finally opened spilling candy out onto the ground. So embarrassing. He was embarrassed. I was embarrassed. Everyone was bellied over with laughter. It was horrifying and awesome all at the same time. 

You'd think I would have given up. I didn't. I just used less newspaper and glue/water mixture making sure it was tough, but crackable. Eventually I made more styles. I made an ice cream cone, then a heart, and then a bow tie. With each creative piñata , my goal was to make it well... and to never be embarrassed again...

...until I look back at the photos I would take with my pho-cam (aka my phone camera). I was too impatient and unorganized to plan when and how to take product photographs. I just wanted to make stuff and sell it without any of the rest of it. You know, like, creating a business plan or developing a design calendar or anything else I should have been doing! Ha! 

It's been a long road. Originally, Onyah was just a way to supplement income after a career change, but eventually I grew in confidence and realized I really wanted this...a business of my own. I learned so much the first two years. And with every mistake, you learn a little more each time. You may learn how to to turn your mistakes into something else that works out just as well as you planned. You may learn how to ask for help or learn you can actually do this or even learn one business tip after another. You grow. You get better. 

So, to all of you, you Creatives, to you Moms, to Small Business Owners and more...don't give up, learn from your mistakes, get extra creative, ask for help and continue to learn and grow. Mistakes are just another challenge that tests us not to discourage us but to refine us, hone our skills and develope confidence.

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"Creativity Takes Courage."

-Henri Matisse