5 Ways to Develop Entrepreneurial Kinship

I have learned a lot in the last 5 years since starting Onyah Designs. It has not been easy, but it has been just the ticket! Starting and developing Onyah has been a sweet learning experience. Other entrepreneurs and small business owners with wisdom and experience brought me into their fold. Their advice and encouragement have kept me going. Friends and family have also been a great a support. With their help, I have been able to learn how to support others, grow business, and cultivate strong business relationships (and friendships!). Therefore, I thought I'd offer up some tips on how you can support your fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners and together, succeed. 

1.    Pass along opportunities: Share an opportunity with someone that might not work for you but would be great for another. Share opportunities that will help them grow their business (For example, I would share all the links or information to all the markets, fairs and festivals looking for vendors and places to hold a Pop Up shop).

2.    Pool Resources: Work with one another to accomplish goals and tasks, collaborate, and share work load if you have commonalities and a mutual goal. I could join forces with someone in fashion or a boutique and develop a promotional deal together, host a trunk show or try a pop up shop, or maybe even join together to incorporate designs that work well together. 

3.    Promote and Market One Another: Promote each other's businesses and journey's through social media, email newsletters and the like. This means more than liking their posts. Tell others about their business, hand out their business cards, share their posts and marketing materials, and maybe exchange products, try them, and then tell others your experiences or likes about their product and post and share. 

4.    Mentorship: Offer help to another entrepreneur or small business owner as they start up their business. Your experience can be a great help. Most people just starting out in business will appreciate any tips, advice and wisdom.

5.    Support & Encourage: This is different than helping to promote and market one another’s business and different from mentoring. This means being more relational. Work together to encourage, lift up, and support one another without competition but with mutual respect. Maybe try a mastermind group? This is a solid opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, share experiences, brainstorm, encourage and share life together and develop a strong community and more.