What's New!

It’s been a while since we had an update. Exciting things are in the works! 

I’m Becca, the owner and maker at Onyah Designs. I started Onyah in 2012 as mainly a vintage goods and antique shop to supplement my income while I took a break to rest and deal with life. But that’s another story.

Within two years, the rest really paid off and I began to slowly form an amazing community, clear my mind & rediscover an inkling of my creativity and myself for that matter by finding my identity in Christ (and daily speaking that truth into my own life!)

Soon after finding such freedom, I began to create jewelry. The jewelry began after I made Christmas gifts for friends. Next thing I knew, I made over a hundred pair and discovered I really enjoyed it! I began bouncing ideas off friends and people I trusted, and design ideas began to form. To be honest, ideas and design experiments have not been super successful in the way I wanted them to be, but they were successful in ways beyond what I imagined. I found my confidence swayed back and forth, but I kept going. 

In March of 2016, we launched our website. We (my investor and I + friends & amazing family who volunteer and help whenever they can in whatever way they can help) grew business from 2015 to 2016 a little over 200%!!! We still have a way to go, but it’s growth!

We have fun plans for 2017! We will be integrating more vintage into our designs and branching out a bit more. I honestly can’t keep making everything myself. It’s difficult to keep up with every other aspect of business and be the only maker. So, we will be working with other artisans, makers and doers local or otherwise. We are adding jewelry & accessories from fair trade businesses that support artisans in India and Guatemala as well as partnering with an organization called The Starfish Project, an organization that restores hope to women and girls. You will see some lovely jewelry designs, accessories, and bags out now or coming soon this spring and summer!

So, on that note, if you are a local artisan, please drop me line. We can support and encourage one another or even collaborate! We might want to buy handmade products from you! Who knows!

Thanks for reading through this rambling. I am incredibly thankful for all who support me and Onyah. As some know, Onyah, has multiple memories and meanings attached to it for me, but we chose it because it is a derivative of the name Anya, which means gracious, merciful or bringing goodness to you. We hope we can bring goodness to you in all we do. Thank you!