A Kindly Update

Recently I posted this and the response was encouraging. I realized that because I didn't set boundaries, others felt it was okay to treat Onyah as if it was simply a DIY craft business I did on the side. I truly enjoy what I do and am thankful for the creative outlet, but it is also a business that challenges and teaches me something new every day. It has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, develop better people/social skills, learn to stand up for myself, and it has taught me a lot about management and business. Being a small business owner is stretching me and growing me beyond belief. And I want to keep it going and growing!

If you own a small business, make sure you have solid policies in place and then stick to them. It is the best thing you can do. So here is what I laid down on social media for everyone:

"As kindly as possible, I would like to note that I can no longer do any further favors, custom orders or free shipping. Many try to contact me via Facebook, Instagram or text to ask me about Onyah's jewelry. My website is always linked or noted with every post. Plus, the Onyah website has all the info you need with images of models wearing the jewelry, a tab you can click to "FIND US", where you can learn of the boutique(s) you can shop Onyah or where our next booth or pop up shop will be located and a tab linked to our vintage goods. If you see something or hear about something you are interested in purchasing, please go to my website:


Or here on my Facebook page in which you can also click on a link to my website.

That is what I prefer and is really so much easier for us all! And even though you may be local, I can no longer deliver or meet up to deliver your jewelry. You can come to my house to pick up, but shipping is the best for me and for you. 

Hopefully, everyone understands. I am so thankful for everyone's support. However, this is my full time job, not a side job nor a craft business. Onyah is a growing business. I am the only employee...for now. And I am looking forward to seeing my jewelry in more boutiques in the future. I am also hoping to grow the website as well so I can eventually have a brick and mortar. Still dreaming! But working to make that a reality!

Thank you!"

Becca WebbComment